How do you overcome the sentiments towards a romantic summer past?

Here would be my letter to my ex boyfriend, which I only write to express my feelings rather than to send to him:

Dear Mr. X,

Today marks a year since the first day we went out together. Today I'm drawn back to the very city that we feel in love, whilst you are out with your friends in another city for vacation.

This is a lonely and different summer. The weather here is no longer as bright and sunny as how it used to be. I recall your complaints about the cold summer here. Funny to say, this summer is far colder than the previous.

With that said, I still have fond memories of being with you. We always danced merrily together, and admired the beauty of the city every night. Tonight, a new part of the city is born and it is very beautiful. The water is crystal clear and the reflection of the lights is magnificent. It reminded me that there’s always something new and beautiful that is in store here. But most importantly, it gave me hope.

My heart does not ache as much anymore, but still occasionally wonder why you decided to fall in love with me and eventually break my heart. I hope that my heart will find peace with you and these memories, and never to fear to fall in love again.

Best wishes,

A Girl Growing Up

Sorry that this comes across emo. I hope anyone here can share some of your thoughts to my question or my letter and help me.

Please be kind with your words and considerate with my feelings. Thank you.

How do you overcome the sentiments towards a romantic summer past?
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