I have no idea, am I too picky?

OK I'm 22 single, never been in a 'real' relationship, in college doing my thing I get a fair amount of male attention I would say but every guy that I meet I always feel isn't right for me. Even when I try to get to know a guy I get to know him and essentially push him away because I feel we don't have that 'thing' that connection. I do this all the time and my friend says its because when I get to close to a guy I push him away because I'm afraid of getting hurt which may or may not be true who knows anyhoo. I am a very intuitive person and I can pretty much read a person in the first minutes of knowing them and I have avoided some train wrecks of potential mates because I followed my instincts. Why can't I seem to find a guy date and get to that long awaited relationship status. Maybe I am afraid, Maybe my gut is right on these young men I've met so far, maybe I am to picky, or Maybe Mr right is still out there i...d...k
I have no idea, am I too picky?
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