How to make my boyfriend jealous?

Ok first to all, I need to give my boyfriend a taste of his own medicine that''s all. I'm jealous all the time, I'm a jealous person but he just doesn't help; this is some of the ways he makes me jealous:


1 he's always talking about the girls that were interested in him

2 he talks about how certain girl made a move on him recently

3 he talks about how that woman on TV is very pretty

4 he used to talk about his ex girlfriend so freaking much up until I got super mad and almost ended the relationship

5 he tells me about some random girl who asked his friends for his number

he is a good guy, the best boyfriend I've ever had, he has values and everything else is fine he treats me like a princess, but I get the sense that his playing with my insecurities sometimes, he doesn't see it though to him its not big deal, we have disscused this but he doesn't fully get it ( he's a bit naive too) so that's where I want to make him jealous just for him to see that it is not cool, those kinda stuff ruin you inside, and they ruin a relationship

So the question is how can I make him jealous? with my ex boyfriend perhaps? I'm a very respectful girl and I am not interested in any other guy, this is why trying to come up with a plan becomes difficult for me, but I need him to feel my pain so he will stop it
How to make my boyfriend jealous?
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