What should I do to make both of us happy?

I'm a 19 year old model and my boyfriend is a 29 year old MMA fighter. We've been together for 4 months now. When we first started dating I was doing more so High fashion and runway modeling. Recently I started completely getting into glamor modeling. Modeling in a lot of lingerie, swim wear. Mainly men magazine type of modeling ( Maxim, FHM, SI). I've also started being a ring girl for an MMA organization. My boyfriend has let me know how uncomfortable he is with the attention I'm getting and doesn't want his family and friends to see me modeling like this. He wants me to either go back to runway modeling or just quit it altogether. I really don't want to quit this type of modeling but I also don't want to lose my boyfriend. What should I do so that both of us are happy?
What should I do to make both of us happy?
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