Is he messing or does he actually still want to be with me?

OK so me and my ex are both 18 I know that were young and we should look for other people. I have been friends with this guy for 6 years so we never each other very well and could each other anything.

He and dated each other for 2 months. He ended the relationship because he said that he was very scared for loosing me and not being able to still have me in his life. He broke up with me 2 weeks before prom and decided to take my friend instead.

We started to talk a week after the breakup over text message we didn't really talk face to face until 2 weeks. I still got him looking at me and stuff and he would always talk to me first. He came over to my house 3 weeks after school let out and he came into the door and hugged me and then kissed me and we cuddled. He told me that he F***** up and said he was sorry and that taking my friend to prom was a mistake. He said that he still thinks that we should be friends for right now. He texted me a lot after this and he said we should hangout again. But we didn't get to cause he was busy. This past weekend he texted me first we stopped and then I just texted him about a inside joke that we have.I'm not worried about him not texting me everyday cause he's not my boyfriend anymore but I don't know ahh. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP :)
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he also told me when he came over that he didn't want to brake up with me but thought it was the best and he told me that he missed me a lot.

Sometimes when were texting he will say that he likes hanging out with me
Is he messing or does he actually still want to be with me?
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