Creepy or Romantic? Please answer. Thank you!

So it's summer break and I haven't been seeing my boyfriend much. I've been dating him for 8 months and I really love him. I've been bringing him chocolates on our month marks, and he liked those. I've been at home for forever since it's break, and, so, with so much time on my hand, I decided to make paper stars. I made about 155 with papers that I hand wrote 'I love you' on and put them in a glass bottle with a cute ribbon. But now I don't know if I should give it to him because I don't know if it is Creepy or Romantic. Guys, please help?

Also, what would you think if I sang him the song I wrote. He inspired it but it's not about him. So... yeah. Please answer. Thank you!
Creepy or Romantic? Please answer. Thank you!
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