Do I tell her how I feel or not? Please help

Okay so...I play minor league baseball and I dated this girl last summer all spring and summer I loved her so much. Since it I dated her during the Spring and Summer I never got to see her I seen her once the whole summer :( We tried to make it work but she just couldn't do the whole never seeing each other thing which I understand. She goes to college in the fall and meets a new guy and dates him for about 6 months or so at first I was devastated because. Over time I eventually got over her. This year she texted me out of nowhere. We stared talking for about a week or so and then she tells me that she misses me but she still couldn't be with me because I was never home (she goes to school out of state) at this time she still had her boyfriend. Then out of her nowhere she breaks up with him. We kept talking on how I was going to go see her over my all star break. (I got hurt and didn't get to go home for the break) Then all of a sudden she just quits texting and calling me. Every now and then I'll text (probably 1 or twice every 1 to 2 weeks) All my feelings that I was over are now back and stronger than ever. I know that we'll never date as long as I'm not home but how to let her know that I still have strong feelings for her? Do I even let her know this or what? I'm totally confused on how to go about this. Do I tell her how feel and/or ask her if she would ever want to maybe give it another chance when the time is right? Please help me out here. All answers are welcomed. Will give points to best answer Thank you very much for your time
Do I tell her how I feel or not? Please help
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