What do you think about guys who make girls make the move?

To me this annoying because I guess you could say I'm a little old fashion and to me a guy who knows he's good looking and is confident and yet makes women come to him is a huge turn off. To me that says that he isn't looking for anything serious and just a hook up. I hear so many guys say they like it when a girl makes the move, but when I have tried this it doesn't seem to work. In most cases guys like it when I let them make a move on me. I guess that's good since most see me as girlfriend material but its annoying for the ones that do like me but play this come to me game.

There was this one guy I really liked and for about a year he would never make a move. He was really good looking, and confident but I always felt he was expecting me to make the move. When he would make a move it would be very subtle and he would basically leave the rest up to me. When I tried to make a move he wouldn't do much and I started to get turned off by his behaviout. And felt he was playing games. So I gave up and started dating someone else. When he found out about this he got really jealous and bothered by it, but did nothing. Now I hardly see him anymore. I don't know why he's so mad when he never gave me any solid indication he was interested. I'm just tired of guys feeling the need to play this push and pull game.
What do you think about guys who make girls make the move?
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