Do you believe in angels?

Has any one got an guardian angel story? Do you believe in them? I was going through a hard time, I had heard voices since 13 I saw vampires, yes I know lol I felt alone, no one would understand me they would laugh, they would say, its in your head? They didn't realize how scared I was, I would go to my room to cry, it got so bad I was afraid to shut up eyes incase something got me, I stayed up for along as my eyes could take I dreaded nights the most, but that night I woke up at around 3 in the morning, my arms were stretched out infrount of me, someone was holding my hands, then it was gone, I was not scared from then on, I was just glad someone was looking out for me, don't tell me to get checked for schizophrenia I have & I am complete normal, I just want you to know your not alone
Do you believe in angels?
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