Still in love with my ex. Help?

yep still love my ex girlfriend we spilt up earlier this year and I'm finding it hard not to phone or text her. I Haven't yet as people say leave them alone and wait for them to contact you but she hasnt. I don't get the impress she even thinks about me as last time she spoke to me she said she didn't want anything more to do with me and its not like it ended badly we just kinda drifted apart and got frustrated with each other but even when it was at its low I still loved her and now I feel my feelings for her are still strong. We are both each others first love and I don't feel like I can love anyone else but her.

should I try to win her back or leave her alone?

is there ever a going back together?

do people rekindle their love for each other a years later?

Still in love with my ex. Help?
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