Am I a tease or was it just a joke?

ok, I bought some new jeans - that were tight fitting and a vest top. I went for a walk down the beach and nearly got a heart attack when a guy goes "i like your pants... you left the tag on! he laughed. I was like ohhhhh my goood where? and turned around to look at my butt just to see the little plastic white tag thing hanging on no label. he then was like are you American? I was like nope ! Irish ? yup where are ya from ? I said where and he laughed and was like 3rd generation American? hahha

Then he goes your the same pace as me? I was like no get on your bike. he laughed and says your welcome about the pants by the way and laughed again. so am I a flirt , stupid or a tease? sorry for it being so long :)
Am I a tease or was it just a joke?
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