Did I miss something?

1. I work at a plant nursery this landscaper guy comes in the nursery weekly he hit on me once by telling me it looked like I wasn't working and that I should come plant his plants he was buying with him.

2. every time after that he would come around me just to smile and say hi we would play flirt a lot.

3. that went on for 4months my guy best friends who are also my co-workers told me to get his number so I found a way to do that I had an older lady in the office get the number she said he didn't wonder who it was at all. he just said cool give this to your friend a piece paper with his name and number on it

4. I waited 6days to text him but we talked that whole day then he asked what I was doing that night ? I was busy with family.

5. we didn't talk for 4days he was out of town. then one day we text all day again he asked again at the end of the day what I was doing that night, I had plans with my friends.

6, two days later he asked again at the end of the day what I was doing that night. I was busy again he text back saying well when are you free. I told him weekend he never made plans he just said okay

7. we didn't hang out that weekend because he went to the mountains.but we could have if I wasn't busy on Friday like I was.

8, now I took 3days of not talking to him to see what he would do

he didn't text me once. I text him on that 3day asking if he wanted to hang out the next night. he never wrote back and it been a day now.

DID I miss something other than always not making good time to hang out. would a guy really never hang with a girl just because it was hard to find time and her be not busy with something else it wouldn't be like that forever...?

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Oh and to add. He comes in to my work and act as if I'm not there.. Its been 4months. What a jerk
Did I miss something?
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