If a guy wants a girl to date his friend, would he still flirt with her?

I've been flirting with a friend I met at work lately, but we've only hung out casually with other friends once or twice outside of the workplace. After I quit about a week ago, he's texted me every day and we chatted back and forth for hours. Until earlier this week, when I went with some friends to see the new Harry Potter movie (HOLLA!).

He knew I was at a film, but kept messaging me throughout, asking what I was up to afterward, saying I was lame for being so far, and mentioning (with a happy face!) that one of his guy friends I met was asking about me, and slipping a little "Ooooh!" in there too. This is not the first time he's said those things, and I believe he was most likely drunk texting in each circumstance.

My friends complained after the movie that my guy friend and I text each other too much for being just friends, and said I should give it a break for a while. We didn't speak for three days or so. On the third day, I decided that this time, I would be the first to to ask what' up. I asked him how the party was, etc. His replies were very short, and It could be my imagination, but he did not seem to be his usual, cheerful self.

I'm confused about every bit of this. Can someone PLEASE translate? Does he like me, or want me to date his friend? Why are things more awkward now, when I was just trying to give him his space? Did he enjoy the space and want me to stay away? I am sincerely confused and appreciate ANYONE'S HELP, so MUCH

If a guy wants a girl to date his friend, would he still flirt with her?
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