Why are the "games" necessary?

Examples of what I'm talking about:

People pretending they don't care when they do.

People playing hard to get when they're crazy about the person asking.

People saying they have plans when they really don't (even though they'd rather hang out with the person asking).

People pretending everything is casual when they really feel very serious about their partner.

People wanting to talk to their partner, but waiting to call/text.

People taking a long time to respond to texts or call back, even though they weren't doing anything and could have called back or texted back much earlier.

People waiting to see each other for the second date for a "predetermined time period" even though they can't wait to see them again.

People pretending they're seeing other people when they're really not.

People pretending to be unavailable when they're not.

Note :: I use the term "people" here because I know that both genders use these "techniques".

Also :: I know these are generalizations and while I understand not everyone uses these "dating tips", I've noticed that more people use them than not.

I am someone who tends to be more blunt and candid about my feelings and my actions often reflect that part of my personality. What is so wrong with a more direct approach. I've actually been chastised by my elders and peers for answering texts too quickly or being "too available" when my boyfriend asks me to hang out. I, personally, hate these games, so I was just wondering what other people thought about them, if they actually work for others and why they think they work.

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You know... now that I think about it - if people were just honest with each other, this website probably wouldn't even exist, haha!
Why are the "games" necessary?
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