How can I make my boyfriend happier?

i wanna now how I can make my boyfriend happier , since I've been on a relationship of 3 years now , we lived in different cities so we had our space time and obviously we visit each other every once a week , so the relationship is been always good. now he asked me to moved in to his place, I say yes and I've been living with him four days by now.

How can I make him happier now? and how can I know when I'm bothering him? , how can I make him smile when he feel sad or confuse about a subject he doesn't want to talk ? , I know he is happy now and I'm happy , but I've never lived with someone and he is my best friend and I'll feel really bad if I don't make him happy enough or just didn't give something when he wanned or need it me to do something , please give some tips and your personal experiences as well if you like , I'll appreciated :) thank you! <3
How can I make my boyfriend happier?
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