Do you think he could still like me?

This guy liked me from February 2010- April 2011, I started liking him October 2010 to now. I showed him I liked him and I guess you can say we had a "thing" but it never got any further than that. I don't think he caught on to how I felt about him as much as I did about him liking me. We would always flirt and talk, he would always ask me questions about myself, we would follow each other around, hang out and text all of the time, and one day he just stopped talking to me all together. So I waited about 2 months before my friend told him I liked him without my permission. He responded "k?" well anyways, I've been told he's been looking at my profile on Facebook every so often now, but he still won't talk to me. I Haven't seen him in months now (we go to different schools) so my question is, do you think there might be a chance he could still like me? My heart says yes, but my brain says I don't think so. HELP?!

Do you think he could still like me?
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