Does she want me to be that guy?

This girl and I have talked for a little while. We've known each other for a few months. We start talking, stop talking, but always come back to each other. Right now we sort of have started talking again, just texting and an occasional phone call. We went to lunch today. I paid for her just to be nice. We just talked for about 2 hours and ate lunch. I made sure to only look at her eyes, or lips, to avoid staring at her chest, which was all out for me to stare at. Anyways she has a boyfriend right now. She made it clear about that. She said her sister wanted to make sure we were on the same page. She also pretty much setup plans for us to see each other again soon. I'm not saying I'm trying to get with her or anything. I really think we get along and I'd like her as a friend. Of course that doesn't mean I wouldn't date her if she were single. She said her relationship is on and off again lately. I just thought this seemed like more than that. Maybe I'm just reading in to it too much. And nobody say that, "If she does it to him she'll do it to you," stuff. I already know the risks. I'm not even trying to get her to cheat on him with me. Just wanted another perspective.
Does she want me to be that guy?
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