Liking someone who's taken?

I like this guy but he has a girlfriend and she is around 8 months pregnant. I know for a fact that he is only with her now because of the baby. They've been together for like 2 years and they live together but I herd that they are always fighting. I see him a lot at parties and get togethers and he knows I like him. My friend had told me that he had told him that if it wasn't for his girlfriend he would be with me. Like 2 weeks ago a nosy little girl told his girlfriend that I talk to him on the phone which I only did once but we didn't talk about anything and it was only for 3 minutes. She also told his girlfriend that my friend would invite him to the beach to see me which never happened. So his girlfriend thinks me and him have something going on which we don't. So I was invited to a party tomorrow where they will both be there should I go? And should I forget about him?
Liking someone who's taken?
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