Guys: why are we so attracted to false innocence?

So, I was talking to my oldest and dearest friend last night. And we were discussing this girl who we went to high school with who we'd both love to fool around with despite the fact that she isn't especially great looking. We both agreed that it was because of the fact that she gave off a sense of false innocence, by which I mean a person who has an innocent demeanor, but in reality is not innocent in the slightest. I know at least one other guy who is attracted to that same trait. So I'm asking my fellow men, what is it about falsely innocent women that turns us on so much?
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I have noticed that many of the commenters seem to misunderstand my question. I am not referring to girls who actually are innocent. I am referring to girls who are not innocent, but can appear to be innocent.
Guys: why are we so attracted to false innocence?
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