Only met her once, what do I do?

Girls, please take your time to read it. It will mean ALLOT.

Also how would you feel about me, if it was me talking to you and stuff.

I met this girl like 5 years ago at a summercamp, we didn't talk or anything but I got her email from somewhere and we started chatting allot. But her friends thaught that I was a player if I remember it right (wich I wasnt) I don't remember it right but we stoped talking, then she removed me from her friends. Around 2 years I go a came across her Facebook and found that she had a boyfriend. It killed me because that girl was pretty as a angel. (And her boyfriend looked like a '3/10' .

Recently around 3 weeks ago she added me on Facebook. We started talking and she told me she broke up with her boyfriend and told me he cheated on her and stuff but she forgave him.

We started chatting again and got along very well. She eaven texted me on the phone every morning to wake up. But recently she never speaks to me. Does not say HI first. Does not text me anymore. I don't know why.

She seems always bussy. Not saying she makes excuses but she is like always with her friends and never got time for me.

She goes offline without saying godnight and stuff. I know its probably me overexagurating but deep inside I feel like she got interested in some other guy or just finds me annoying or something.

I stoped talking to her right now, I think I'm just getting annoying trying to talk to her everyday. But at the same time I have a hard time just to stop.

I know I've only met her once. But everything about her is so amazing right now. Her looks, her caring personality. The fact that she thinks about filosophy just like me ect.

What I'm trying to say is that what should I do ? I don't want her to go away again. I'm a caring guy and would just give her the world. I know I might sound like a total loser since I Haven't met her and stuff but yea ... I just need someone to hear my story and help me.

Random info :

- I'm 18.

- 170cm (5.57ft) (10cm taller then her)

- Sort of good looking, been told 7-10/10 by yahoo answers. (whatever lol)

Please help me out
Only met her once, what do I do?
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