Would you give them the second chance?

there is someone that you like, someone that you could learn to love in the near future. and that someone and you have dated off and on a few times over the period of let's say 6 years going on 7. but that certain person can get you really mad, that person ignores your calls because they can't get your undivided attention. that person makes you feel unloved whenever they're upset with something that you did and you're always questioning why this person says they love you. this person makes it difficult for you to love them back. this person also doesn't really give the relationship the time that is really due but say that they do. they don't call unless they want something. they make excuses for not meeting you when they were suppose to then transfer the blame on you saying that you don't make time for them and that you are always too busy for them. they tell you stuff like they are possessed by an evil spirit and that they can't do anything good. but for some reason you can't let go...at least not just yet. even after all the crazy stuff that went down you still want to give this person a chance to get it right. what would you do. would you give them the second chance or would you let them go and try to move on and make some semblance of your life?
Give them a second chance...DUH...i mean there is a reason I'm still holding on
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Second chance...puhleazze...more like sixth and seventh....i think it's time to move on
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It's too hard to make a decision...i don't want to hurt them and I don't want to be hurt...so maybe we should continue on and see who dumps who
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Would you give them the second chance?
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