Would you ask a guy for advice about him?

We are and have been very good friends. Now I like him way more than that, and I feel he's also been flirting. So recently I told him directly how I felt, and.. nothing. He didn't say he only saw me as a friend, nor did he say he returns my feelings.

It's been over a month, he has been treating me with more understanding, calling more often etc. But still sitting on the fence. When I asked him how he felt, he still managed to evade giving me a direct answer.

I've tried to keep a lid on my feelings but I really miss him and would want more with him. Now I'm thinking of asking him for advice, on what I should do about him...

Will it work? I just need a more definite situation, it's difficult to move on, being in limbo.
Would you ask a guy for advice about him?
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