Guys rarely approach me, what am I doing wrong?

im in college and I've never had a boyfriend. I've had guys approach me once in a blue moon and even then its a no-go. sometimes I feel undesirable and feel like something is wrong with me, especially when other girls complain about being approached by too many guys. I don't have any friends to set me up and I just never seem to have an opportunity to meet a guy. if I do, I don't know how to approach them without seeming desperate. I've joined clubs and have gotten involved but they just werent the best places to meet guys since they already have friends. and please don't say don't worry my time will come because I have nothing to occupy my time with and I would like to stop worrying and waiting and feeling like I'm getting older and feeling like I'm missing out on experience, its also tiring having to say I've never had a boyfriend (I try not to say it alot).
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thanks for all the great answers =)
Guys rarely approach me, what am I doing wrong?
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