How can I move on? or "forget"?

This is long so I will try to get straight to the point:

I have just graduated from uni and am depressed/upset that it is now over. what's more, on my graduation night I got with a girl I have fancied from the first week. I didn't make a move on her as I had a girlfriend throughout uni, but we split up a few months ago.

I want to see her again etc but she is moving away for 6 months. I asked if she wanted to see me again before she goes- she actually said I should see her before- but when I said bout going she hasn't seemed to keen.

I am annoyed that I didn't try anything earlier and am just annoyed as I would do a few things differently if I could go back to day 1 of uni. Its the case of "regret things you didn't do".

I am doing another 1 year masters course at a different uni in sept, but I just want to go back lol.

Any tips or advice on how to stop thinking about her and uni in general? I had some amazing times there, but wish I had done things differently and can't stop thinking about what would be if I had...

sorry it was long, any advice would be greatly appreciated!
How can I move on? or "forget"?
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