Do you ever play hard to get, guys?

Ok, so I have been seen my exboyfriend who is currently ending his marriage (He is 32). I know relationships suck when then end and I have been giving him his space. He always calls me and texts me throughout the day. We see each other almost everyday- if we can. This past weekend, I went out of town with some girlfriends. He sent me a cute little text on Friday, then on Sat- but I took my girlfriends advice and did not respond so that he would miss me more. Trust me, it took every fiber of my being to do this. Anyway, I got back in late Sunday and texted him saying that I had missed him and for him to call me when he got a chance. Monday- nothing. I called him but got his voice mail, so I left him a cute, casual message. Today is Tuesday and I still have not heard from him! I called him again but this time I did not leave a message. Is it possible that he is trying to do the same thing? I know we are grown ass adults, but really?
Do you ever play hard to get, guys?
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