Third time set to meet and STILL haven't met up with her...what am I doing wrong, if anything?

Ok so there is this girl I've had a crush on for some time. I've never come across as needy or desperate to her. We used to work with one another until the place got their liquor license taken from them. Anyways, I haven't seen her for about a month now, last time we met up was out at a club and we had tons of fun. Well I put forth an effort to set up some other times to meet up and say what's up. Every thing I came up with or every time I tried she was either busy or working. Sigh.

Anyways the past couple of times we've been texting she'll say "i miss you tons, lets get together sometime soon" or "lets get coffee sometime this week! I'm off Thursday" or "im off tomorrow, lets grab lunch of coffee" ..well I work during the week, so I couldn't do that Thursday she was off..but Monday she asked me to do lunch/coffee on Tuesday Because she was off and so I took a half day at work.

Well what do you know, plans fell thru, she said her friend was on her way over when I called, which was fine I wasn't in a rush to get lunch. Well then 3 hours rolled by..i had a dentist apt at 415 that she knew about. I told her to tell her fridn to come with us to get her mind off crying, whatever she was "crying" about. She was like she's going to leave soon, ugh I wish she would leave now..well 4pm comes along and I have a dentist apt. She said "im sorry this is taking forever, want to meet up for drinks later or something istead?"..i said something along the lines of "look if you don't want to see me, you can at least be honest with me"...let me explain why..well the 3 times she's said she wanted to, something akways happens..its frustraing..

so she texts me at like 930 last night and is like "im at dragon fly, come to meeee" ..i wanted her to know I got th text and wasn't sleeping so I said "thats so random I was just there" she replied with come backkk pleaseeee..i didn't reply and then she said (about 20 min later) "comeeee pleaseee"

i still didn't respond..i felt like at this point iw as being "wrapped" around her finger and that she thought whatever she wanted to do it was gonna hppen and that I would do whatever to see not like that, if I'm your last option or even your second you might as well not even haev me as an option...

i was just pissed that like she would say I want to see you and I miss you and then EVERY thing I came up going to a coffee spot, or just meeting up, that it never seemed to work...

what the hell am I doing wrong here? is she just not interested? I mean sometimes I'm like whatever she's not gonna come out then she'll send texts like I miss you I want to see you or come meet me..its like ONLY at her convienance will she meet up...i just don't get

what can I do to get her to actually come out, I don't want to be pushy or needy like I said above but I DO want to see her and ahve a good time...what are my next steps here after me ignoring her texts last I wait a week or 2 till I try again? or just say f it?
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honestly, there mutual attraction for sure, I just don't get wtf I'm doing can I set up a time to meet that will not fail? I used to think if I just said "ok, we're doing this" as if I had it planned then it would work...but it doesn't...what can I do to get her to come up with ideas so I know she'd be down for doing them or what are things I can do to get her out! blahhh or am I just wasting my time here...
Third time set to meet and STILL haven't met up with her...what am I doing wrong, if anything?
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