How to deal with betrayal?

Well, this boy used to call me his girlfriend and always complimented me and gave me hugs and we always played around. I thought it was cute that he liked me, then when I started to get to know him I kind of liked him and I told him that we didn't be a couple just then. But then, my friend danced with him at the dance and now he wants her. I feel so used like he didn't even like me but I was just a toy for him to play around with and when he got tired he just threw me away. So, I have to deal with heartbreak and my backstabber friend. And I just feel like crying all the time. And my friend knew I liked him, so he now does everything he used to do to me with her and every time I ask her why did you dance with him she says well I didn't want to be a party pooper and then I ask why do you let him play and touch you and she says I try to pull away but he doesn't let me but if she really wanted to get away she could and if he didn't want to let go, she could of told the teacher.

How to deal with betrayal?
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