How am I going to get away to ask her out when she's sick?

Alright, so I just met this girl a month ago, we like each other, she's 3 and a half years younger than me, but that doesn't matter. I think she's been sick for 2-3 weeks, and she doesn't even bother to take medicine. Whenever we both go to practice, she sometimes feels worse, which results her with a headache. She doesn't have fever. Sometimes she sneezes in middle of nowhere at home and barfs.

We both have practice 3 times a week, and we see each other on Sundays from volunteer events. She came to my volunteer event because she wanted to see me and she lives near there.

I was about to ask her out yesterday in practice but she did not attend practice due to her sickness and a complaint from her parents. She didn't go to practice 2 times and not going this Saturday. The next time we see each other is on Sunday and it's her coming to me. I wanted to be the one to come to her to ask her out... & yeah I have some questions:

1.) Should I just ask her out this Sunday even if she comes to my volunteer event? She's been hoping for me to all week long.

2.) She usually don't eat much often and says that she doesn't want to eat unless if she's at home. How do I ask her to eat out with me?

3.) The date should be around noon, should I take her out to eat first, then take her to the beach to watch the waves together?
How am I going to get away to ask her out when she's sick?
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