The guy I'm dating is mad at me, what to do?!!

I'm in a situation where I just don't know what to do next!

Here's the (short) story: A guy and I have been dating for about four months, we're very attracted to each other but it seemed it will be no more than a FWB. Everything was fine, the sex was great but I started to have feelings for him, what's new.. We mostly meet twice a week or so. Last weekend I blew it when he texted me he was at a some party but wanted to see me. It was quite late. I wanted to see him but tried to not reply too enthousiastic and say yes right away. After a few texts back and forth I told him it would be nice to meet. He suddenly stopped replying. After an half an hour still no response. Tried to call him but didn't pick up. Since I was in my week before my period I was a bit cranky. So I sent another text but more irritated and after that I sent him an awful insulting message I didn't mean: that the sex wasn't that great! (this is the friendly version :-s) He then replied with 'F* you' I felt so disappointed by him to leave me hanging so I acted out of frustration. It's the first time we had a text-fight. I said I didn't mean it but ofcourse he was very pissed and told me I rather look for somebody else if it's that bad. I apologized right away and told him I didn't mean it and it was childish and stuff. He started ignoring me. Next morning I tried to call him, send him two more texts how I was sorry and I acted out of disappointment and I felt stupid. After two days he replied with he didn't believe me and he couldn't accept my behavior . He wanted to stop this whole thing. I feel very bad about it, cause I started developing feelings. I don't want it to end I told him once I liked him more as a fwb.. That was already one month before this incident, so he knows.. Is there a chance we can at least talk things out and maybe meet again? What to do now? I gave him some space but want to take some action now... :-(
The guy I'm dating is mad at me, what to do?!!
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