Is it wrong to follow your heart when it cames to this situation?

so I met this guy and well we became really close to each other really fast and well I just don't have the right words to explain how I felt about him so I guess we liked each other a lot and we started dating and well we dated about for 7 months and one day we just started talking about our family and well we found that his mom and my mom were cousins which that means their kids are cousins right.. so meaning that were cousins at the moment we didn't know what to do because we knew we loved each other but in our family we grew up knowing that dating someone from your family was waaay to bad to even talk about but we don't feel it was our fault because we didn't know about it intill that day and well now we don't know what to do our moms are not happy that we dated and that we still want to be together and well I understand why they would say that so we brook up but now some how our hearts still tells us to be together I tried many times to forgive about him as my boyfriend and move on but its really hard and I keep falling back into his arms and well he feels we shouldn't care about what our moms says but only what our hearts say but I don't know if that's the right choice and I don't know what to do I once I again say I understand that this is bad to date your far way cousin but my heart can't understand that what should I do? any adive?
Is it wrong to follow your heart when it cames to this situation?
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