Five love languages...Which one are you?

Have you heard of the 5 love languages?

Which one would you be most?

I'm just doing this for fun.

but here they are:

Words of affirmation: you need someone to tell you they value you, love you, cherish you, think you're special and important. you need this a lot.

Quality time: You need someone to want to spend quality time with you, do things you enjoy also, make time for you out of their busy schedule, plan things in advance with you, plan things that you like to do and make that effort to make that time special

recieving gifts: you need to have someone give you things, like little everyday things such as make you a special meal, give you the window seat that you like, let you have the last say if you like that, give you the white meat of the chicken if they know you like it, buy you your favorite fruit whenever you guys go to the supermarket together, and on anniversary and birthdays (any celebration) they remember it and they buy you a nice cake and take you out for memorable fun time (along with presents: jewelry, flowers, candy etc)

Acts of service: You enjoy people taking time to help fix your car so you don't have to take it in, or help fix your computer when you ask once and you don't have to ask twice, take care of you when you're really sick, do your laundry once in a while if you feel super lazy, remember to check your mail for you if you forget, pay for your food some times, help you clean the apt if they live with you, or help buy something you need but keep forgetting to buy.

physical touch: You are someone who needs to be loved by touching, caressing, hugging, holding hands, kissing and wanting to be close. Someone who probably likes sitting super close together, holding arms while out walking, and enjoy the physical touch.

Ok for me: I like quality time more than anything. My mom and dad were not big on word of affirmation. They never said I love you to each other, so it is very hard for me to say that. I barely say it to my husband. I don't really care for gifts, but I will appreciate it. I don't really need acts of service since I am an independent women and don't need anyone taking care of me. I don't really like physical touch, again since with my parents I never saw them be physical with each other. I think PDA is something for the bedroom...

Words of Affirmation
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Quality Time
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Receiving gifts
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Acts of service
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Physical Touch
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Five love languages...Which one are you?
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