Do guys avoid girls with random OCD issues?

I will use myself for an example, I have lots of random OCD things, such as if I see a hood inside out then I have to fix it. Or if there is something hanging on the wall and its crooked I have to fix it. Now, all of my friends(guys included) tease me about it, and so I'm constantly being given a hard time. And they always tease me by saying "No wonder she doesn't have a boyfriend!" Then of course they add on the usual, "Just kidding" and this is how my friends and I joke around usually, but I've just been thinking, maybe they are right?
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Oh mai gawd! I know right! Then also every time I accidentally mispell something on a chat or something I have to fix it even though it is obvious what I was trying to say. So sometimes I have like five mistakes that I have to fix and my friends get so annoyed. ^^"
Do guys avoid girls with random OCD issues?
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