Why would a person never back down, no matter how many times you reject them?

Ever since I have broke-up with my boyfriend a guy I dated over 2 years ago won’t keep stop asking me out no matter how many times I say I’m not interested.

Recently after many weeks of him harassing me I agreed to meet up with him. After having a think I tried to back out at the last minute because I thought it could make it worst and I could be accused of leading him on.

I did eventually go because he had guilt me into it, however I did make it clear to him that we were just meeting up as two friends and it definitely wasn’t a date. When we went out he insisted to pay for everything for me even when I offered to pay for it.

I know that it’s best that I don’t go out with him again and I don’t want to, what want to know is why would someone behave like this, I can’t understand it at all.

There is absolutely no chemistry between us and I only went on two dates with him in the past. After these dates I tried to contact him and he completely ignored me and later admitted that me was involved with someone else, which obviously upset me a bit.

He contacted me a few times after then to try to convince me to have sex with him, which I turned down. He once sent me an email saying along the lines of ‘do a sex act with me and if you impress me I might think of getting more serious with you’. This upset and outraged me, which is half the reason why I will never want to be with him. He also never talks to me except to ask me on dates.

His recent behavior really confuses me considering how he acted in the past. I have a theory that he trying to guilt me into becoming involved with him so he can be the one that rejects me. I feel he is insulted that I have rejected him and he wants me eating out the palm of this hand.

What do you guys think from what I told you?
Why would a person never back down, no matter how many times you reject them?
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