I cannot make my boyfriend happy no matter what I do, help?

ok we've been together almost 5 years. since the beginning he's always had something to complain about when it comes to me. me weight, my attitude, my speech pattern and tone, that I'm not a good enough person for him to marry. I must admitt I have lied a lot to him during this time, but only to try and protect his feelings. I do have a drug problem, now but didn't then. one reason being him putting me down was just a step toward addiction. no matter what I say or do now he just tells me I'm not trying to make the relationship work, I don't know what to do. we also have a 2 year old together. he was my boss and I worked for free the first 3 years, now I'm stay at home mom because during my pregnancy that's what he said he wanted. ugh. its such a jumble f*** mess. he says he'd rather me cheated on him than use drugs but that doesn't make sense to me. he's felt he's intitled to sleep with other women as 3 some or not because its 'different' than me sleeping with men but him being with other women would hurt me the most. this is all so frustrating. help, in anyway.
I cannot make my boyfriend happy no matter what I do, help?
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