Was he interested at all?

So I met this guy X back in January and last night we met again. I thought maybe he'd forgotten who I was even though we'd say hi to each other in passing. When my girl friend C introduced us again last night he remembered my character in the show I was in and we both said "yeah, I might've met you already". Everyone was mingling about and when C and I were about to leave, he was the only one to walk towards me and give me one of those sideways goodbye hugs. He invited us over to his and his roommates' new place and asked for my number to text me the address. I'm really trying not to be subjective here because I was honest advice! but I was getting a shy vibe. He texted me the address right then.

While C and I hung out, he'd text me telling me where they were and when they were on their way. Right when we were near the house, he texted saying "Well so you know, everyone else is heading home." C and I figured we'd just stop by for a little bit (lterally 10min tops) because we didn't want to be rude and we'd already driven the whole way over. So I texted back saying we'd stop by for a little since we both had to get up early.

C and I waited for a good 15min until we decided to just head home because (I didn't tell her but) I realized maybe it was a hint to not come over after all. But right then he called me. At the house, I felt kind of bad because they seemed tired? Except for one of their girl buddies that was there. There were six of us but I'd say he and I didn't say as much as the others did, maybe because he was tired... When I did say anything, he'd always respond to it when no one else did :P

We ended up staying for about an hour and when we all hugged goodbye, I made a joke with the last guy before I finally hugged X who was laughing and I THOUGHT? I heard him whisper "Beautiful. Just beautiful" while he gave me a long hug. I mean, he gave my two other friends a long hug but theirs was more of a squeeze. Idunno.

So now I wonder if/when I should text him, or even just add him on Facebook...?
Was he interested at all?
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