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Taking things slow, we're not really dating, advice?

I've known this girl for awhile. She's only been with one other guy than me, sexually... basically, they took things really slow for a long time (he waited on sex for the first 2 out of the 5 years they dated).

Anyway, when they finally broke up, she and I had a one night stand (which I wanted to be more than that) before she went back to him. Then when she finally learns what a douche bag he is, she starts hanging out with me again.

We've talked about things, and she said she likes me... but has also said at other points that she's "not sure" and wants to "take things slow"... so I think to myself "Okay, I'm a nice guy, I can do that",... only problem is, she barely shows any signs of liking me at all. No kissing, no making out, no holding hands or anything really romantic...

We've hung out every night for the past week and a half, for hours and hours, and any moves I make are almost instantly rejected... there are a few times where I'll pull her close to me and hold her, then catch her smiling as we end our embrace... but... I just don't get it... Does she like me or not?

Every single night just seems to be the same thing, basically just sitting around hanging out, and it's really starting to eat away at me inside because I FEEL like I should be making moves. It makes me feel like a failure of a man sitting around with a girl I like and not doing anything about it... and not only that, but how is she supposed to develop romantic feelings for me (assuming she isn't already sure about them) WITHOUT BEING ROMANTIC!?!
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When she and her ex got back together (after the one night stand) I talked to her about things and she said she wanted to try again with him because they were together so long, and asked me what I thought. I told her that I really liked her, that I didn't think he would change, but that she should do what she feels is right. She chose him (of course, they dated for 5 years and she's known me less than 1).

This is not the last time we talked about it though.
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So, she and I talked about it last night, and things went awesome and we're moving forward now, albeit still slowly, but whatever, I'm ecstatic!

Thanks for the help, guys, I'm just glad I followed my own intuition on this one and stuck with it!
Taking things slow, we're not really dating, advice?
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