He's giving me mixed signals... What is going on here and how do I handle it?

So I met this guy and he seemed interested in me, got my number, and sent the follow up text after I met him. We texted back and forth the first week and I think I may have come off a little over-eager, though I didn't come off needy. Then the second week I started to suspect he was no longer interested. He would only send one or two consecutive texts a day and then not respond till the next day.

Then one day on skype he sent me a link to check out on fitness (a common interest) but signed off shortly thereafter. I checked it out then four days later sent him a text that said "hey I read the link you sent me, thanks." I worded it this way so I could try and gauge his interest because he could not respond, give a one word answer or continue the convo. He ended up asking my opinon on the link and I texted him back with my thoughts. That happened on a Saturday. Then I never heard back from him all week, until Friday I noticed he had left a message Wednesday night on skype for me saying that his phone had broke and he lost my number which is why he hadn't responded yet and to send him a text. So that next Saturday I sent him a text. I didn't receive a response at all till he called me on Wednesday. It was the first time that he had called me. I spoke to him for a minute but was leaving when he called me so I told him that I would either call or text him back later and said bye to him. It is now Sunday and so I texted him earlier today and just said "hey what's up? sorry about the other day but I was just heading out when you called me." I haven't received a response from him yet, but I'm just really confused and I don't know if he is interested. I figure if a guy isn't interested he pretty much doesn't answer you at all and ignores you, what is going on here?

He's giving me mixed signals... What is going on here and how do I handle it?
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