She doesn't feel the same?

My girlfriend and I started talking through Facebook, last year in October I guess. We became nice friends and she started loving me. I liked her too. But I did not say that I love her. But this year in June 2011 I told her that I love her so much and she was so happy. then we had a fight I said wrong things to her. She was pissed but said she is not involved with anyone else. Slowly slowly she started to give me lesser time and I kept her messaging saying her sorry and apologizing like many many times. She did not pick my calls and I saw her showin interest to a guy on Facebook, I'm not sure she is love with him.I asked her again if she likes someone else she said no. She asked me for time but then she stated ignoring me did not use to answer to my messages. I kept calling her and texting her. sending messages of apologizing and love. I really love her. Again I told her that she has my support and she can take her time and asked her many times if she is involved with some one? she said she likes some who respects her and her likeness. I don't know she said because she was angry or not as a week before she said she is not involved with someone else. She used to come online but is not replying to my messages. I left her a message that "she is a girl girl and she makes me smile. and she should do what her ehart tells her. if I'm not the right guy for her then I'm not the guy. I like her and all but that's life. even if it sucks." She jus sed "ummmm" ... Now as I read on internet that pushing too much that I have already done should not be done. I said sorry many times and emotionally blackmailed her that I will sucide and won't eat food because without her I ll die. But she ignored all this. She has also hidden her Facebook wall from me. But I'm still on her friends list. Now after being so pushy. Is it too late for me? All this pleading and fight happened for around 10-15 days. I have started no contact. Its been 4 days. what should I do? Please suggest me. Main reason for fight was my possessiveness and me being harsh on her. Its a long distance realtionship...

After 2 weeks I broke No Contact. and talked to her and said I love her. she also said she loves me and we talked about getting married. I told her how much I lvoe her and will keep her happy and she promised not to leave me. A day after she started talking weirdly and now she ignores my doesn't answer my calls and msgs and SHE SAID SHE doesn't FEEL THE SAME. SHE can't GET THE SAME FEELING.

She doesn't feel the same?
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