I am wondering if he is avoiding me?

I been dating this guy for a little over a week now. At first we were texting all the time. We hung out a few times. He stayed over my place last night and we fooled around but didn't have sex. I know he wanted to but I wasn't ready. This morning I asked him if he wanted me to come over and hang out and he said he would texts when he found out what was going on. So today he hardly texts me he told me he was doing something then told me he was working and then he ask me to come over but tonight wasn't a good night . His texts has been less amd short. I asked him if he was avoiding he said no he wasn't avoiding me. just that he was been super busy with stuff going on with the fair and his mom left with everything to do around the house. So I am not sure if he is telling me a lie oand really is avoiding me or if he is super budy.
I am wondering if he is avoiding me?
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