I'm just afraid of men. Are there any guys out there than can understand me?

Im afraid to trust a man with my feelings, I'm afraid to rely on a man, I don't know what a guy is thinking most of the time. I'm very cautious when it comes to dating and actually I don't really feel much like getting to know a guy and dating anymore.

All of the men I have ever wanted to trust ended up breaking my heart. There are guys that have asked me out and I agree to it just to see if maybe this guy is different but he always ends up being an a**hole. But at least this time I saw the signs way early and choose not to see the guy anymore before I end up being a fool.

Im bitter now, I'm not approachable, I'm purposely not aproachable. One time I was talking on my phone and then a guy that I didn't even know had his nerve to come and try to interupt me, "what is your name" and I lied and gave him a fake name. then he says "can I get your phone number" and I lied and told him I did not have a phone. I just did not want to be bothered and he couldn't take a hint.

I searched on google to see if anyone could relate to me. And I found a post on another website by a girl and a guy had responded to her post saying that " what do you expect, I have been in 3 long term relationships and all of the girls have cheated on me. Of course I'm an a**hole. Then there are times when you ask a girl out and 90% of the time you get rejected and yada yada yada" pretty much he was downing women.

this is all confusing to me. When I know I wouldn't go into a relationship just to cheat on a guy, I think I'd make a great girlfriend. I just think that guy is an idiot for falling for lame girls 3 in a row.

In my case, I have been in one long term relationship, the guy was abusive and ended up going to jail. And that was more than 2 years ago and before him I had lost my virginity to an a**hole who did not care about me at all. I have respect for my self and choose not to settle for just any guy.

i have seen others in and out of relationships so quick. I don't understand why some people are in in such a rush to be with someone. Is that normal? Should I be? If I am looking for a guy that I can truly fall for then I would imagine that it takes some time.

There was a guy I was seeing for a while, he seemed to be into me but again I was not gonna rush anything. Then I got busy and a week had gone by. Next thing I know his Facebook said he is in a relationship. But then after 2 months it said he was single again. wtf? And I run into the guy and he wants to be all friendly and buddy buddy with me and I just figured he is another a**hole so I say all the right things to turn him away from me.

I have also seen couples that have been together for years and are happy

I just would like to be with a good guy is all but I'm worried that I won't find one. Maybe because the guy use to be good then he met a bitch or guys are just a**holes or the good guys are always in relationships so they miss out on me. I don't like being bitter but for now its a good a**hole replant.
I'm just afraid of men. Are there any guys out there than can understand me?
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