The girl I date is ignoring me

Well like the title says, this one girl and I were dating, then she ignores me and only msgs me once a week and its only 1 word, like I ask her how she is and she says OK, then when I message her the rest of the week she says nothing... Well now she started talking to me a lot because her ex boyfriend came back to her and ask to patch their relationship, then she say yes and just ignore me 100% even though we were dating together and she never mention me to her ex. Then 5 days after they boyfriend/girlfriend again, the guy dumps her and she comes back to me...

I'm really disappointed that she didn't end out relationship before going off with this ex of hers who treated her like sh*t and dumped her in 5 days after doing what he wanted with her and getting "tired and bored" he said.

Now she came back to me, because I have always treated her right, but she treated me like something to pass the time, not like a real interest...

What should I do about this, I know that I'm not going back for her unless she makes some drastic changes. How should I handle the situation, and please don't tell me to just call her a hoe and tell her to f*** off... Too many people said that I should just say that to her before, I'm not that crude.
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Dam I made 2 of these by accident, hope people only answer here
The girl I date is ignoring me
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