Is it true or it's just a tease?

Okay, so I've been teased by my group of friends that me and this guy looked cute together. And this guy played along with everything, like when my friend says "your darling is here", he would play along and call me his darling etc. Then there was once where one of his friend out of nowhere says that this guy like me, but loves someone else. So, is it just a tease or what? Because this guy can't seem to get over his ex from the beginning of this year till now. Yes I understand that getting over is hard, but is it possible that he might have a little feelings towards me at the same time? Because he seems to be around like most of the time, and I just realized recently. Well, it might be me thinking too much, but it's really confusing. And apparently, I've grown feelings for him partly is becasue of the tease, but is also I think that he's not bad for a guy. So, what should I do?
Is it true or it's just a tease?
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