What do you think she means in this writing?

Were friends but I know she likes me she just needs time.. and she was telling me about this guy she liked a year ago she stopped talking to then he found her on Facebook so she sent me this..

Hey you, I accepted that guy to see what has changed in his life and... He looks terrible to start with, second he still drinking and smoking like a biach.. I hate that very much. Too many things that I don't like about him to be wasting my time with him. I really like spending time with you, texting you... Getting to know you. All these has nothing to do with the presents and surprises you has giving me.. Is just the way you treat me, you joke with me. I can't stand you but... I am getting use to you and now you stucked with me, sorry!

Wish I could take more time to get to know you without you expecting anything from me, but things are how they are and I accept it. So anyways.. Just wanted to share this with you and let you that I very happy for having you in my life, mind and all those cheesy stuffs. Lol... Joking but it is true all I said. You are someone to keep! Thank you again for my flowers, it meant a lot to me. A LOT.
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What do you think she means in this writing?
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