Guys, how long will you wait to ask a girl out?

lets say you're attracted first, then you become her friend, you have class with her, you become friends first, then you pick on her make jokes, flirt, and when she falls for you too and flirts back, you sort of step back and become more professional. You don't talk much anymore, but you stalk her, and your eyes bloom when you see her, and you seem nervous, the girl is PISSED at you for stepping back and not keeping in touch anymore.and this continues for the next 1.5 years.with the running into each other and staring and his and byes and smiling nervousness. when will you effing ask her out already?

im sick and fed up! and I like him a lot. >.<


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  • I'll ask her out

    when I'm sure she'll honor my offer.


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  • Hunny, I have the same scenario except I only knew this guy for about 3 months. I asked him out with some co-workers on Facebook, and asked him at work the next day if he saw my message and he said he had class during that time. I'm too afraid to ask him out again because I think that if he likes me, he will ask me out. He is super spontaneous around other people but around me he shys up but he's not afraid to ask me dumb questions like "Oh, are those the boots you were wearing today?" or "What book are you reading?" I don't know if these are clues to get my attention but they certainly haven't worked. I can relate to you because there's also this other guy at my job back home that is the exact same as the one you're describing. We went on 2 dates, and he is super flirty with me at work, but when I respond, he gets silent and tries talking to someone else. Basically, I look at as this: if us girls like a guy, we have to be up-front and just ask him. Being casual, is the best way to go I learned, and to not take it too seriously first. Joke a little, laugh at his answer even if it is "No, I don't like you." Just say with a smile, "Oh, because I was just wondering," and then go about your normal routine and start taking care of yourself The guy isn't worth more than friends then. Also, he may have some growing up to do first. Maybe he's not ready.

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