What do guys get out of touching your finger?

I work with a guy who seems to have taken an interest in me. I had looked at the signs for awhile now and although I think he is really attractive, I kept second guessing myself on his signs. Plus, I know the whole guy from work thing. I never date folks I work with. Here's the situation. If I present a document, he has started to always discreetly make sure his hand touches mine multiple times during 1:1 meetings now. He'll point to something on a paper and go out of his way to put his hand against mine for about 5 seconds. Then he takes it away and does it again. This goes on about 4 times during the meeting. Sometimes he'll do the same with his leg. What does a guy get out of doing that? Sounds pretty non-exciting to me as a female to expend all that energy to do that. I just ignored it and kept on talking about the meeting topic. He never verbally does anything except he takes interest in what I talk about. Just curious why he is doing this yet he never says anything except smiles?
What do guys get out of touching your finger?
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