What does he want from me, is he scared of his feelings?

I have known my guy friend for years, we lost touch for many years but recently met up again and have been meeting briefly but not regularly. We do not live in the same city. Whenever we meet up there is attraction there, we have both felt it. We flirt a bit, have a drink and then generally a kiss goodbye. When we part we continue to communicate via I'm or text, flirting or just chatting in a friendly way. This conitnues till we meet again and we fancy each other and we kiss.

The last time we met was different, the kiss was more passionate and we both got very turned on. We nearly slept together but didn't as we had nowhere private to go. afterward I knew Id fallen for him more and told him so via text after we parted company.

He said he didn't want to lose my friendship by us getting close and thought we should just stay as friends. I've told him it will be impossible for us to just be friends as there has been someting there between us from day 1 and he needs to admit that. I am happy not to sleep with him but feel like the friends line has already been crossed and just want to meet him and have the kiss, flirting and closeness that we always had. He means more to me than a friend and I am sure it is the same for him, but what is he afraid of?
What does he want from me, is he scared of his feelings?
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