How can I act jealous?

I want it to seem obvious..

Because I think she is trying to make me.. And she obviously is..

And I can't figure out what to do.. So I want to show I'm jealous.. But I'm not really.. Its hard to explain..

Ok here's what's going on.. She found out I've been talking to another girl and showing intrest to that girl to.. But in truth I really like her but she.. Well hasn't really sowed signs of liking me untell now..

Anyway she found out.. And now She finally told me her and her boyfriend broke up.. And other things.. And now I believe she's trying to make me jealous.. By telling me she's got a few dates with other guys.. One of wich is my friend.. So I could call him up to confirm.. But I don't think he is.. She made sure I heard her talking about it.. Lets just say she interupted another conversation..

So I'm not really jealous.. Well I might be.. But I don't know how to show it.. And I want to... And make it obvious any ideas?
How can I act jealous?
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