How do you become a mature young adult?

I could find my soul mate or someone I'm compatible with but the relationship will end because I'll end up getting cheated on, lack of communication or because I might do something immature like let a guy hit on me, or let him dance with me. I mean, I like the attention and to flirt but it's not cheating because I always tell them I'm taken. But my ex and I broke up because one of his friend's was drunk and he kissed me! This actually happened twice, with two of his friends...although he says both of them were more like his acquaintances, I assumed they were his friends. I thought they were like playing around but they leaned in and stole a kiss from me. I told my boyfriend and he got super mad at me instead of his friends and we broke up. He said it was because I put myself in the situation where we were alone together. The first time it happened, I was alone but I didn't expect him to kiss me because he's well my bf's friend and he wasn't drunk, although he had one beer, he surprises me with a kiss. I was hesitant to tell my boyfriend because I was scared he would get mad at me. He said he wasn't mad that he kissed me because it was just a kiss, but he thought we did more. But I explained to him everything, we took a break and then we got back together. The second time it happened, I wasn't alone, my friends were walking back and forth in the room. Technically we weren't alone and we were like joking around and then he shocks me with a kiss. I mean, I guess I should have been more rude and slapped them both but I didn't think about that. I just told them I was going to tell my boyfriend so I told him. He doesn't believe me, he's mad and I get pissed that he doesn't believe me and I blow up on him. We start arguing back and forth, exchanging nasty messages on fb and he says I was being childish and we officially end. Then his friends get involved and I blow up on them because I'm being defensive. I mean, what happens in our relationship should have stayed between us and not them, but I guess I was being immature because I didn't keep calm and cool. How can I become more mature and act like a grown woman?
How do you become a mature young adult?
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