Does he still like me? Because I do!

This guy and I been friends for over a year I always been attracted to him even tho I had a boyfriend and he had a girlfriend.Me and my boyfriend broke up about 5 months ago and he and his girlfriend about 3 months ago, anyways we started hooking up he said he liked me and vice versa but none of us wanted a relationship at that point and just kept our thing as just fun, unfortunately about 3 weeks ago he and his ex got back need to say I was disappointed and sad but we remained friends cause we always been really close.

So this is where my question is:is girlfriend actually now lives in another city (I would never do anything to break them up)but he stills seem very flirtatious with me, always teasing, hugging, he kisses me on the cheek at any given opportunities, he compliments me a lot, always chat on Facebook, we hang out pretty much everyday but not just 2 of us, he picks me up he drops me back home, he gets jealous when I talk about other guys he is curious if I say I'm busy, he even brought up our hooking up times and asked if he was any good lol.Anyways is this all in my head that he might still like me?or what's the deal with him?could it be just kinda fun for him to see me falling for him even more and he just playing around? (I don't think he is that type of guy tho but who knows).

ANYWAYS what do you all think?
Does he still like me? Because I do!
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