Do you think this shy girl likes me?

I use the term "shy" loosely because although she is on the quiet side, she talks and jokes with people. With me is a different story, she is kinda quiet and nervous and I have a hard time making her laugh, she acts serious with me and like she puts up this wall and calls me names and says stuff like "annoying is the only way you can be, there no other you" and things like that. However, we tend to get into these playful arguments that are just plain silly and she takes them seriously and usually I'll say something funny, she'll act annoyed and walk away but as she is turning she looks down and I can see the BIGGEST smile on her face (which she is trying to hide). Its like we rather argue playfully than have a conversation (we do talk normally from time to time) what's your opinion?
Do you think this shy girl likes me?
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